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Old Photo Scanning Description

Most of us still have lots of beautiful photographs in our homes – each one, a treasured timestamp that tells a story. And where a majority of them may not be on display anymore, it feels a shame to not be able to look at them quickly and conveniently, share on social media with friends, or have the option to enlarge or duplicate as gift ideas.

Our Loose Photo Scanning service enables you to digitise as many old photographs as you like. We scan in your images at extremely high quality (300dpi), which maintains clarity and preserves the richness of your pictures.

Once we’re finished our scanning, we return your original images to you, in the order they were provided to us. As for your brand new digital images, we’ll either send you them on a USB device or they can be conveniently downloaded from your very own, password protected online gallery!

All we ask is that you roughly estimate how many images you have, remove them from their sleeves and organise them into batches ready for us to work our magic. How you choose to organise your images is totally up to you, but we ask you don’t write on your photos, as new ink can smudge very easily. For more information on this service take a look at our FAQs.

If you live within Greater Manchester we’ll be able to come and collect your treasured photos in person. But don’t worry if you’re not local to the area; we’ll provide the option to arrange a safe and secure collection from wherever you are, that works around you.

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